Norwegian AS

Get established in Norway with a Norwegian Limited Liability Company and create growth and value from day one.


Requirements for registering a Norwegian limited liability company (AS):

By registering an AS in Norway, you found a company with its own independent legal identity and accounting obligations, freeing the parent company from liability for obligations incurred by the Norwegian AS.

An AS is a company with determined capital, where members participate and share liability equally, solely based on the agreed contribution, without personal liability for the company's obligations.

Like in any other country, a locally established company carries more credibility than a foreign company with local registration. This helps avoid various controls, facilitates agreements, ease access to open bank accounts, and in general make partnerships with customers and suppliers easier.

The requirements for an AS are more extensive and cumbersome compared to other types of company registrations in Norway, including:

  • Minimum share capital of NOK 30,000.00
  • Appointment and maintenance of a board and board meetings
  • Annual general meeting
  • All individuals associated with the company must have either a Norwegian personal number or a Norwegian tax number (D-number)
  • Obligation to submit annual financial statements.
  • Norwegian address (must be a physical address)

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