VAT Compliance

We offer much more than just compliance – with IntraVAT you will get a VAT partner, who is with you all the way.

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VAT is important

One of the most important accounting-challenges are the VAT.
Fraud or mistakes concerning VAT have some of the highest penalty level, putting it on same level as manslaughter, not to mention, that it can cause you major financial concerns have you not calculated and reported the correct amounts. VAT is actually money, which you, as a company lend from the government, and they are very serious about getting it back.

Local VAT accounting is easy and something you can handle yourself, or get your local accounting to handle for you, but VAT on cross border trading is on a completely different level.

When trading cross border your need to be aware of, same products/services you already sell locally might have different VAT rates, different accounting requirements, and often you will be forced to have a VAT registration in the same country as where your consumers are located.

Outsource your VAT

IntraVAT offer a full-on end to end VAT compliance for you and your company, ensuring you that ALL regulations and laws are abided. We can proudly state that our clients are saving close to €2.000 annually on average, just by having us comb through their books and amending minor errors created by their accountants.

We can handle your:

  • VAT registration
  • Fiscal representation
  • VAT returns
  • EU list entries and Intrastat-reporting for all EU membership states
  • Intrastat-reporting in Norway, Great Britain, and Switzerland
  • Invoice quality assurance
  • VAT-transaction quality assurance
  • Full assistance on government VAT audits
  • Local address and mail correspondence
  • Courses and workshops in VAT

Your benefits when choosing IntraVAT as your VAT partner

  • Fixed costs, we always advise you beforehand if extraordinary costs are necessary
  • We keep ourselves up to date with the latest news and regulations in VAT accounting
  • We can be your “one stop shop” VAT partner for all your activities
  • Only line of communication you need is to us, we will handle the authorities on your behalf
  • Allow us to do what we are good at, so you can focus on what you are good at

Did we catch your attention? Then contact us on e-mail or phone, or even better, we can contact you! Just click on the Contact me, fill in the required information, and we will call you back with a bespoke solution.

VAT Partner

IntraVAT can be your VAT partner in following markets:

  • Austria - Austrian UST MwSt
  • Belgium - Belgian BTW
  • Czech Republic - Czech DHP
  • Denmark - Danish MOMS
  • Finland - Finnish ALV
  • France - French TVA
  • Germany - German MWSt
  • Great Britain - British VAT
  • Italy - Italian IVA
  • Luxembourg - Luxembourgish MWSt
  • Netherlands - Dutch BTW
  • Norway - Norwegian MVA
  • Poland - Polish PTU
  • Portugal - Portuguese IVA
  • Spain - Spanish IVA
  • Sweden - Swedish MOMS
  • Switzerland - Swiss MWST/TVA/IVA

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