New fee change affects the establishment of Norwegian Foreign Enterprises (NUF)

The Brønnøysund Registers eliminate their free registration process and add a fixed fee

19. March

Only serious business'

In a recent development, Norwegian authorities, including the Brønnøysund Registers, have implemented a new fee of 3,146 Norwegian kroner for the registration of Norwegian Foreign Enterprises (NUF).
This change marks a significant departure from previous practices, where it was possible to register an NUF at no cost.

This step has been taken with the aim of introducing a more selective approach to the registration process, specifically targeted at reducing the number of insubstantial businesses that establish themselves without using the registration for actual business operations. Historically, the absence of a registration fee has led to a significant number of registrations from businesses that are either not serious or do not intend to conduct genuine business in Norway.
This has imposed unnecessary administrative burdens and resource implications on Norwegian authorities, necessitating a more restrictive approach.

Revised Establishment Budget

For businesses considering establishing an NUF in Norway, this news is of particular significance.
It underscores the necessity of planning ahead and taking the new costs into consideration as part of their establishment budget.
At IntraVAT, we are prepared to support businesses through this change. Our expertise in VAT registration and advisory ensures that our clients not only understand the new rules and fees but can also navigate the Norwegian market with the necessary legal and financial clarity. It is important for all businesses looking to operate in Norway to be aware of this change and understand its implications.
At IntraVAT, we are dedicated to assisting our clients in complying with these new requirements in the most efficient manner, ensuring their compliance and supporting their success in Norway.
For more information on how this change may affect your business and how we can help, please feel free to contact us.