One Stop Shop; The Import Scheme (IOSS)

12. May

From the 1st of July 2021, the Import Scheme (IOSS) will be implemented as a part of the One Stop Shop Scheme. The IOSS is implemented as a result of the abolishment of the €22 import VAT exemption, as all imports will be subject to EU VAT from the 1st of July 2021. 

The IOSS allows suppliers of non-EU goods to EU buyers to collect, declare and pay VAT to the tax authorities in the country they have registered in. The Import Scheme is relevant for companies inside and outside EU-boarders selling goods imported from non-EU countries to private consumers in the EU. The scheme is only applicable for your company if the value of goods you import does not exceed EUR 150 and are sent directly to the European customer.  

Non-EU companies should register through an intermediary who is registered in the EU. The intermediary will be responsible for reporting and paying the VAT of your sale and has joint and several liabilities. If your company’s registered office is in Norway, these rules are not applicable, as you can register in the IOSS directly

Once your company is registered you will receive an import number (IOSS number). The number must be stated on the customs declaration (as confidential information) when importing goods from outside the EU. In this way, it becomes visible that you settle VAT on the value of the item through One Stop Shop and the product will not be stopped at customs.

If you supply goods located outside the EU to private EU consumers through a facilitating online marketplace, you should not register in the IOSS. Instead, it is the facilitating online marketplace that should register in the applicable scheme. Kindly note that it is possible to register for more than one scheme at a time.  

If you need guidance with the IOSS Import Scheme, contact IntraVAT Denmark today at or +45 74 60 23 60.