New Customs Systems for Export and Dispatch Declarations

On September 1st, a new Danish Export and Dispatch system will replace the existing system - are you prepared?

24. May

Prepare for the new customs systems in Denmark - apply for access now!

From September 1, 2023, the current systems, e-Export and NCTS, will be a thing of the past due to new EU requirements regarding information and shipping procedures for exports to countries outside the EU.

The systems, DMS Export and DMS Shipping, will replace the current systems.


What should you be aware of?

DMS Export and DMS Shipping are expected to be ready for use by July 29, 2023.

From September 1, 2023, it will be mandatory for all companies to submit export and Shipping declarations through the new customs systems, DMS Export and DMS Shipping, as e-Export and NCTS will no longer be available for new declarations.
To ensure a smooth transition, the Customs Agency strongly encourages all companies to test and familiarize themselves with the new customs systems before July 29, 2023.
Therefore, we recommend that you apply for access to DMS Export and DMS Shipping now if you intend to handle your customs procedures internally.


What should you do during the interim period?

During the period leading up to the implementation of the new systems, it will be possible to use both e-Export and DMS. However, it is important to note that declarations must be completed in the same system where they were created. We also recommend that you finalize old export declarations in e-Export and begin integrating the new customs systems into your company.


Procedure for applying for access to DMS Export and DMS Shipping.

Whether your company prepares declarations internally or has outsourced customs management to an external partner, it is always the sender's responsibility to ensure that the information submitted in the export system is accurate. If you usually handle customs procedures internally, we encourage you to test and prepare your company by applying for access to DMS on the Danish Tax Authority's website using the following link: Apply for access to DMS -

Once your application for access to DMS has been processed by the Danish Tax Authority (expected within 2 weeks), your company's NemID administrator must assign rights to the employees who will work in DMS. Once the rights have been assigned, you can start testing the new customs systems as part of the onboarding process. In the testing environment, you can create and submit declarations to ensure that you are familiar with the use of DMS.

If you have outsourced your customs management to a 3rd party, you should contact your partner and inquire if they are ready for the above.


If you have any questions regarding the above, please feel free to contact us.