Get to know our new employees

"We believe that with wide knowledge and diverse competencies, we can assist our customers in our small niche in the best possible way."

28. August

Michael Blom Hansen has joined IntraVat as a team leader. He has a degree in economics and has previously been in charge of accounting positions in both Danish and foreign companies.

Michael is looking forward to his new role, and he is awaiting to assist customers with various issues concerning VAT. Michael is driven by being part of a team with skilled and good colleagues, as well as performing tasks that create value for the individual customer.

Sonja Møller Christiansen became a part of the IntraVats team as a VAT Accountant on the 1st of April. Sonja is very passionate about numbers, and she has previous working experiences as an accounting assistant and accountant in a bunch of various auditing companies in Demark.

Sonja would like to specialise in the field of VAT, as VAT has always been of interest to her. Sonja is driven by providing exemplary service to customers, and she’s keen on being able to assist the customers with advice and professional guidance among customs and VAT.  "VAT is an area that many people may find complicated and cumbersome, and I think it is just nice to be able to help others with own expertise," says Sonja.

Inez Dawczyk has joined the team as an Assistant on the 1st of August. She will assist IntraVat with various ad hoc tasks for customers and other internal tasks such as marketing and our website and etc. Inez has a degree in media and journalism; however, she has extensive experience from several types of companies both in Denmark and aboard. She will continuously update our website with information about IntraVat and on rules regarding VAT.

" At IntraVAT, we go among other things in favor of multiplicity and diversity - We believe that with wide knowledge and diverse competencies we can assist our customers in the best possible way in our small niche . ” - says Linda-Sophia Danielsen, Director at IntraVAT.