We are here to help you before Brexit and beyond.

Brexit is at hand, and everyone is holding their breath, waiting to see the contents of the agreement. At IntraVAT we are closely monitoring the negotiations to ensure our Clients will be fully prepared for whatever may come.

Until the transition period ends 31 December 2020, the VAT rules and regulations will remain as they are, meaning that doing business with the UK is almost like doing business with any other EU country. When the transition period runs out, it will, unfortunately, no longer be as easy doing business with the UK as it is today, for EU based companies, as additional administrative requirements regarding imports and exports will be introduced.

We are experts in VAT handling and can help you with establishing an efficient and professional setup.

Get ready for Brexit – contact us today to hear more about how we can help you with VAT registration, VAT declaration, the EC sales lists and Intrastat.

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