We aim to achieve the right coherence of the company name and our services.

The transformation sharpens the company profile

1. January

For an extended period, Inter-Distrans has had a wish to make the company name more adequate to its profile and make better integrity between the name, competencies and core values. Moreover, it has been the highest priority for us to be much more potent as a company, and be ready for the challenges the future may bring.

That is why Intra-Distrans has changed its name to IntraVAT the 1st of January 2019.

In connection with the new name, the rebranding process of the company has been initiated; resulting in a new graphic identity, new logo and webpage to ensure professional communication and transparency toward customers and business partners.

“It has been very exciting for us to initiate this transformation process. Our quality and competences have been a long time in the company – and therefore, we are pleased with our new name, which reflects our brand identity, and it will help us to achieve better intelligibility as a company” says the director.

The organization and addresses of the various offices in Scandinavia remain the same.