9. December

Dear customer and business partner,

Another year has passed, and the Christmas holidays are approaching.
It is a time of joy, happiness, family, friends, and reflection.

2020 has been a tough and difficult year for all of us in many ways, this is primarily due to COVID-19.
Things have been turned upside down, and we must all get used to new habits and ways of conducting daily life. At IntraVAT, 2020 has also been challenging on the internal lines, as we were hit by a hacker attack – an attack that affected our business heavily.

By working around the clock, we did our utmost to avoid affecting your business, and we are still doing our very best every day, to ensure that your needs and relevant deadlines are being met. However, if you were affected, we are very sorry, and we would really like to hear from you to sort things out. We truly appreciate your patience and loyalty – thank you.

A strong organization as a catalyst for accelerating growth

However, 2020 also resulted in continuous improvement and innovation in several areas. We have made some organizational adjustments and additional hirings, making us capable of accelerating our ambitious growth strategy. Also, our quality and service have been further optimized by implementing a yearly reconciliation to ensure that the VAT will be even more correctly settled in the future.

In 2021, we will be narrowing our focus to primarily helping businesses into Northern Europe, the UK, and Switzerland – this in order to further enhance our specialist services within the mentioned geographical areas. We will also look into harmonizing and stabilizing our IT landscape and enhancing our work procedures to make life easier for you as a customer by implementing automated processes and smarter ways of working in general.

Hopefully, 2021 will also be the year, where we all gain a deeper insight into the outcome of Brexit and the consequences in continuation hereof. We have spent the last year helping companies manage the transition period, and look forward to preparing businesses for trading in a post-Brexit world.   

No matter what 2021 will bring, we are here for you. As leading VAT experts, we are continuously striving for delivering the best advisory services and will continue to help you grow your business.

With thanks for our fruitful cooperation during the past year, we wish you some happy holidays and all the best for 2021 and look forward to working with you in the years to come.

Best wishes,