Brexit - What does it mean for you?

Brexit - What does it mean for you?

What are the consequences for Danish exporters?

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Brexit agreement approved by EU leaders

Will the British parliament approve the agreement with the EU?

EU leaders have officially approved the negotiated Brexit agreement between the UK and Brussels.

It is now crucial for future trade deals between Denmark/the EU and the UK that the agreement now also be approved by the British government. Customers, suppliers and manufacturers around the world get ready for the new challenges that import to and export from the UK will involve with and without a deal.

What impact Brexit would have specifically on Danish companies’ exports to the UK, hence on your business opportunities, is currently unknown. At IntraVAT, we are committed to keeping our customers up-to-date with the potential consequences of Brexit.

You are therefore welcome to contact us with your Brexit-related challenges and we will get back to you on the subject with as much information as we can provide under the current circumstances.

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