Med24 – A Danish export adventure in Norway

Med24, supplies dietary supplements as well as other health products, has undertaken a rapid development.

The company have had great success on the Danish market and have therefore decided to enter the Norwegian market for the purposes of taking the business to the next level. In the beginning, Med24 handled the export with a learning-by-doing approach, but quickly became clear that the complexity with regard to doing business in Norway required professional expertise.

“Today, we have a close collaboration with IntraVAT, which have assisted us with taxes, VAT and customs in relation to our export to Norway. It gives us comfort to have IntraVAT by our side – We do not have to worry about the VAT, customs and tax part of it, thus we are able to focus on the core business of the company,” says Nils Træholt, CEO and co-owner of Med24.

The export adventure has so far resulted in four successful years, a 7-digit turnover and a healthy bottom line. “I can highly recommend to others, who are thinking about beginning exporting to Norway, to contact experts who possess the necessary knowledge. If we had done so from the beginning, we would not have had any challenges with regulation, legislation and logistics. It takes time to achieve success on new markets, but with the right attitude and competent partners by your side, the reward is within reach,” Nils Træholt elaborates.

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