We believe in the power and value of collaboration and network.

IntraVAT is part of a larger network

Our large network of business partners also benefits you as a customer.

Our business partners are haulers and accountants, trade organizations, subcontractors, incubators, and marketing specialists among others. All characterized by being specialists within their field and able to advise on business developments abroad.

We collaborate with incubators in Denmark, municipal business networks as well as with Danish and foreign embassies and commerce chambers in Europe.

Customer centricity is a keyword in the network – to make sure that you feel safe as a customer and gets the best possible counselling.

We are always interested in establishing new relations with business partners. Contact us today, if you think we should collaborate.


Interested in a collaboration?

We are ready to help you, contact us at:

Tel. + 45 74 33 23 60 @ info@intravat.com