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VAT registration in the EU

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We will help you with VAT registration in the EU

Benefit from focusing on your customers and your business

Get started in Europe with a partner who has a good grip on all forms and will help you get your registration right.

Our competencies will allow you to focus on your foreign customers and the development of your core business, while ensuring you are properly registered in the country in question.

After that, we will handle reconciliation and control of your taxable transactions abroad, so you can feel safe even when the authorities want to audit your business activities.

You get a partner who pleads your case abroad and who can help answer questions about VAT and taxes there.

IntraVAT creates company registrations and complete periodic VAT reports in the following EU countries:

  • England / UK
  • Germany
  • Sweden
  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • Netherlands
  • France
  • Austria
  • Italy
  • Czech Republic

If you need assistance in other EU countries than the above, please contact us and we will find a solution to that too.

Your advantages

Sales abroad

You can sell directly from Denmark to customers abroad in a smooth and professional manner.

On equal footing with the locals

Your competitiveness will increase while giving you the advantages of performing on equal footing with local companies.

Charge the correct amount of VAT

Avoid problems with foreign authorities by charging the correct amount of VAT

Warehouse outside Denmark

If you have a warehouse abroad, your company must be registered..

VAT registration

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to register a company abroad?

There are big differences in how long it takes to register abroad with a VAT number, and there are major differences in the documentation required.

In Scandinavia/Northern Europe it takes about +/-4 weeks, but elsewhere or if it is a very busy period, it takes a bit longer. You might also be required to present some original documents and/or documents approved and signed by a Danish notary.

We have purchased goods and services in another EU country. Can we get a VAT refund?

If your company is registered for VAT, then it is possible to get the foreign VAT on goods and services back. You can apply for VAT refund in all EU countries. This can also be done in some countries outside the EU. For example, Norway and Switzerland. To apply for VAT refund, you must use original and/or electronic VAT receipts.

Deadline for application for EU VAT refund is not later than 30 September the following year. Deadline for application for non-EU VAT refund is not later than 30 June the following year.

It can be both time consuming and complicated to complete a VAT refund application. And you must be familiar with the VAT regulations and rates in the countries you apply in. So let us help you. Use the contact form to contact us for more information.

You're are more than welcome to contact us, if you have additional questions.

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