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Salaries in Norway

We make salary management in Norway easy


If you have to pay salaries in Norway, read below

The regulations in this field are many

If you have employed a salesperson or if your employees are liable for tax in Norway, intravAT can help you calculate their salaries.

Payroll-related regulations are many and complicated, and there is a big difference between fixed salary and hourly wages.

Please contact us and we will be happy to assist you with settling and reporting of salaries in Norway.





Tips and practical knowledge

We would like to hire a sales representative abroad, how do we do that?

You must of course have studied the requirements regarding contracts, minimum pay, working hours, compulsory pension etc. in the country in question. After that, an employment contract has to be signed, and then salaries have to be calculated and reported.

We can help you in the process by giving you tips and guidance, and we can also do the calculation and reporting of your salaries in Norway.

How is project work in Norway reported to the authorities?

When you want to work on a Norwegian project that has a contract value of NOK 20,000 or more, you have to report to Norwegian authorities. The report must be submitted shortly after the contract has been signed, and not later than 14 days after the project has commenced.

This is what the reporting chain looks like:

The main employer (usually the Norwegian company) must report all assignments and companies it enters into agreements with. And of course, your own employees shall be included as well.

The contractor (the company that has undertaken the assignment from the main employer in Norway) is required to report its own employees working on the assignment and subcontractors, if any.

Companies 2 levels below the Employer are required to report to Norwegian authorities. This means that the Contractor’s subcontractors also have an obligation to report.

This reporting can be done in 2 ways:

1. By filling in a form (RF1198/RF1199), where you provide information about the assignment, contractor (your company), your employees and about the project itself. A paper copy of the form, together with a copy of the employee's passport etc., has to be sent to the Norwegian Tax Agency.

2. If you have access to the Norwegian authorities' contract registration system, you can report data directly in it. However, you are still required to attach a copy of employee passports etc.

Please contact us, and we can also assist you with forms, filling these forms as well as reporting on your behalf.


I have to apply for a HSE card, what do I have to do?

Danish construction companies that send employees to Norwegian construction sites are often supplied with an identity card that gives access to the construction site. This card is called HSE card or construction and building card. (HSE = Health, Environment and Safety). The card is linked to a company/person and can therefore be used on different building and construction sites and projects in Norway.

The HSE card identifies the specific employee and at the same time gives them access to the building and construction site. This also means that without an HSE card, the employee will not be able to access the site. Obviously, there can be problems if an agreed job cannot be done because the employee does not have an HSE card.

All Danish companies must be registered for VAT in Norway in order to be able to apply for HSE cards for employees working in Norway.

How long does it take to register a company abroad?

There are big differences in how long it takes to register abroad with a VAT number, and there are major differences in the documentation required.

In Scandinavia/Northern Europe it takes about +/-4 weeks, but elsewhere or if it is a very busy period, it takes a bit longer. You might also be required to present some original documents and/or documents approved and signed by a Danish notary.

Do I have to pay tax in Norway?

As a Danish employee who works in Norway, you are not generally subject to taxation in Norway.

You can work in Norway for up to 183 days a year without having to pay Norwegian tax on your personal income (salary).

However, as in Denmark, you must have a Norwegian tax card, which states that you are not subject to taxation in Norway.

If you want to keep 100% control of your personal taxation and avoid ugly surprises, please contact us for a detailed review.

What is a Norwegian D-number?

A Norwegian D-number corresponds to the Danish CPR number. However, a D-number is given to foreign nationals (not Norwegian).

If, as a Danish employee, you are working on a construction site in Norway, you must apply for a D-number in order to get an HSE card and thus enter a Norwegian construction site.

IntraVAT helps many companies' employees apply for a Norwegian D-number. Please contact us if you need a D-number.

Social security abroad

When Danish employees perform work abroad, they must apply for an A1 certificate.

In case employees do not have an A1 certificate; the employer must pay social security in the country where the employee works and thus will pay social security both in Denmark and abroad.

The A1 application is personal and is made via

You're are more than welcome to contact us, if you have additional questions.

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