Brexit - What does it mean for you?

Norway & Switzerland

We represent companies abroad


There may be special reasons for choosing us to represent you abroad.

Let us be your office abroad

Not all places require representation by a permanent resident (accountant), but it may be a good idea to choose a partner who has in-depth knowledge of the regulations and basically knows the practical challenges, which sales and business development abroad can entail.

We offer you an address with us, and take care of all communication with authorities.

In Switzerland you are required to register with a representative. We offer representation in Switzerland, but you must be ready to provide security to local authorities, either by a bank guarantee or by transferring funds to the tax authorities.

Sales to Norway & Switzerland

Avoid misunderstandings

With a competent representative in Norway or Switzerland, we will communicate with the authorities on your behalf

We have the experience and the competence

When you have a representative, you have a partner who has seen it all before, and who will share his knowledge and skills with you

Keep your costs down

We will review your supply chain to keep your costs down

Get help with customs clearance

Avoid goods stuck in customs by having an experienced partner who knows the do’s and don'ts of customs clearance work.