Brexit - What does it mean for you?


We cooperate and network


We believe that cooperation and networking create value

IntraVAT is part of a larger network

IntraVAT has a large network of partners that we use for the benefit of our customers.

Our partners include Danish and foreign carriers and accountants, trade organisations and subcontractors, greenhouses and marketing specialists. They are all characterised by being experts in their respective fields and they advise companies on business development abroad. 

We cooperate with greenhouses in Denmark, municipal business networks, Danish and foreign embassies and chambers of commerce in Europe.

Together with our network of collaborators, we will keep the focus on our customers so they feel safe and get the best advice.

We are always interested in creating new relationships with collaborators, so contact us today if you think that this is something for you.


Looking for collaboration?

Sales abroad

With us as your partner, you have the opportunity to help your customers have a good start abroad.

Lower costs

Low costs, happy customers. Transport and customs clearance costs are worth having a look at together with us.

On equal footing with the locals

Give your customers the opportunity to act on local terms.


You are in good company

Curious? Let us give you a call